Heavy Rain Set to Soak Southern California

Heavy Rain Totaling 6-10 inches in Southern California

Los Angeles has already seen more rain in 2017 than in all of 2016. An impending storm set to douse the region later this week may bring the city above its yearly rainfall average only 50 days into the new year.


Heavy rain moving into Southern California Friday and Saturday

[Morecast proprietary model showing heavy rain in Southern California Thursday night through Saturday evening]

A cold front riding down the coast is bringing rain to Central California Thursday. Dying showers will push into Santa Barbara County early this evening with increasing showers for the coast overnight. A band of heavy rain will likely encroach on the LA Basin around rush hour Friday morning.

Periods of heavy rain and strong winds will continue for much of the day Friday, with the surface low triggering this activity riding down the coast. This developing low pressure will add energy to the showers and thunderstorms Friday morning which could lead to brief but heavy thunderstorms while cranking up the winds. This low pressure will move into Baja California on Saturday, causing the rain to wind down.



Heavy Rain Totaling 6-10 inches in Southern California

As the map above shows, the heaviest rain will concentrate around metro Los Angeles out to Point Conception. LA itself will likely see 2″-4″ during the day Friday, with totals tapering closer to an inch in Orange and San Diego Counties.

The southern faces of the Traverse Ranges in LA and Santa Barbara counties will see the heaviest rain totaling over half a foot in places! This storm is pulling warm air out of the tropical Pacific, which will enhance melting snow on lower peaks. This snow melt will intensify the runoff from the heavy rain. This runoff will bring the possibility for mudslides, and may cause significant street flooding.

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