Snowy Weekend In Store for the Northeast

Another winter storm is on its way towards the Northeast. With heavy snowfall earlier in the week, Northeast residents can expect to add a few more inches of snow before spring arrives.

This past Tuesday, a winter system brought heavy snow and blizzard conditions to portions of the Northeast. Disrupted flights and dangerous roads caused chaotic travel delays across the country.

Thankfully, this weekend’s storm will seem minimal in comparison to Tuesday. However, even though snow totals will be far less than Tuesday’s, residents could still experience travel delays and slippery roads.


An upper level system is aiding in the development of rain and snow showers this Saturday, stretching from Maryland into Northern New York. An offshore surface low has drifted further away from the coast, decreasing the chances for heavy snow or strong winds. However,, the Cape Cod area can still expect strong wind gusts beginning Sunday morning.

Early snow flurries fell across much of the region today, with rain mixing in during the warmer day time hours. Warm surface temperatures will limit much snow sticking to the ground. The heaviest amounts will fall late Saturday into Sunday morning before the system pushes out.

Snow Totals

A large portion of the Northeast will see light snow falls of less than 1 inch with warm surface temperatures causing most snow to melt at ground level.

In Central Pennsylvania and New York, 1 to 3 inches are predicted. Higher elevations in West Virginia are most likely to see the heaviest snow with 3 to 6 inches. Higher totals will cause travel delays and slippery roads.

Morecast meteorologists will continue to monitor the developing situation and snow forecast. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on this weekend’s snow storm.