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Tropical Cyclone Maliksi to Brush By Japanese Mainland

By Team Morecast


Intensifying Tropical Cyclone Maliksi is moving northeast parallel to the Ryukyu Islands between Japan and Taiwan. Other than a few of the smaller, isolated island clusters, direct landfall does not appear likely. However, the cyclone could come close enough to Japan to cause some significant impacts.



Maliksi is currently located about 180 miles southeast of Okinawa, Japan, moving northeast at 20 knots. We expect the cyclone to strengthen to typhoon status shortly, although a slow weakening trend is expected thereafter. However, Maliksi will merge or interact with a system currently over Japan. The cyclone will enlarge, meaning more impacts to portions of Japan, especially the northern half of Honshu up into Hokkaido. The Tokyo metro area could be included in the impacts, which will include enhanced rainfall and strong east to northeast winds. The main time frame for impacts in this region will be late Sunday through early Tuesday.