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“Fujiwhara” Phenomena Possible In East Pacific This Weekend

By Meteo Expert Josef Lukas

Two cyclones spinning in the open waters of the eastern Pacific Ocean will have an opportunity to undergo an interesting meteorological phenomena this weekend known as the “Fujiwhara effect”.

The Fujiwhara effect occurs when two nearby low pressure circulations get closer together and then merge into one circulation. This interaction was first described by Japanese meteorologist Sakuhei Fujiwhara.

Hurricane John and Tropical Storm Kristy will gradually move closer to each other through the end of this week. Over the weekend the two circulation could get close enough to achieve the Fujiwhara effect.

The animation above represents a model solution for John and Kristy which shows the Fujiwhara effect between the two cyclones. John is modeled to have a larger circulation than Kristy, so John’s circulation would most likely absorb Kristy’s smaller circulation.

Neither system will be a threat to land, and the surviving circulation will most likely lose tropical characteristics by later next week.