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Catastrophic Flooding Inundates U.S. State of Michigan!

By Team Morecast

Following days of heavy rain across central Michigan, historic flooding has unfolded across the region. The flooding has led to the failure of two dams in the area. Drenching rainfall amounts of 4-7 inches (107-178 mm) over the past few days have proved to be too much for these dams to handle. Thousands of residents have been evacuated as the flood waters unleashed their fury.

The Tittabawasee River, which is normally contained by the Edenville and Sanford Dams, is once again flowing without inhibition in the wake of the dams’ failure. The torrent of water sent downstream has inundated towns and farmland along its banks. Downstream, the town of Midland has evacuated thousands of residents as the water is forecast to engulf a large portion of town with up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) of water by Thursday morning. Midland is home to Dow Chemical Co, and it is feared that the floodwaters will run through the plant, causing an environmental contamination.

Water levels along the Tittabawassee River have reached 35 feet (10.6 meters) above flood stage. This breaks the record of 33 feet (10 meters) set back in 1986. According to local geologists, it is likely the floods will forever change the geography around the river.

The deterioration of the Edenville Dam has led to Wixom Lake being almost completely drained. Many people were observed walking along the now exposed lake bed. The drained lake also left lots of fish scrambling to survive in left over puddles of water. A group of locals were seen collecting the fish and bringing them back to deep water.

The governor of Michigan issued an emergency declaration, allowing the National Guard to assist with evacuations and such. No injuries or deaths have been reported thus far, but many people remain in shelters. The flood waters are not expected to fully recede until the weekend.