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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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  • floris 📸😉👍
  • Malefix 👍👌👋⚡⚡
  • Martina2323 📷👍👍👍
  • floris No problem 😊😊 here are many friendly people😃
  • Silvy77 Extra
  • floris I don't know, maybe more than me 😃
  • floris No problem, take your time ☺️
  • floris You must to try 😄😄
  • floris Noroc= prost
  • floris In Romanian language, prost is mean silly 😄
da Turnersee
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  • TINI Tolle Aufnahme👍👍📷
  • Roli_kl Danke!😃
  • Dijana Good capture👍👌👏👏👏
  • Malefix ☺📷👍👌👋
  • Martina2323 Great picture!
  • floris Wow 👏👏😃🙋
  • floris What do you think, then? 😊
  • floris In one day I talked with one American gay, and I asked him... How do you think about Romanian language, it's hard to learn? He said.. If you want something, you need to find/learn😃
da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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da Sankt Kanzian am Klope...
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  • Lukasz1919 Great photo:)
  • Nunanba Bonssoir Castline
  • Randall Good night 👌 👌 🙋
  • Lc01 Schöne Aufnahme ☺ 👍 📷 🌻
  • Saxos 👍📷👏👏👏🙋
  • Silvy77 Morgen🌞🍫☕✋1
  • Wol_fi ⛈😎👍🌟☕✅
  • floris This pic looks like a horror movie 😃
  • floris Whit vampire 😆
  • floris I'm from Romania, the land of Dracula 😃😃😜
  • floris ☺️✌️😃
  • floris Every night 😊😃😃😃
  • floris I'm kidding, I visited the castle. It is a little bit far from me, I live near Black Sea coast, in Constanta city
  • floris From here till there is almost 400km
  • floris Of course!! The mountains in Romania are great 🙋✌️😃
  • floris Yes, and anothers. But I love the sea 😊✌️🌊😍
  • floris 5 minutes whit the car 😃✌️
  • floris Yeah, every morning I drink my coffee on the beach, after that I go to work 🙃
  • floris Noo, but I saw that you are off from here
  • floris Ohh, great😊😃🙋
  • floris Lucky me😄
  • floris Good for me because you speak English because I think that, the German language is very hard to learn😄
  • floris Soooo... Everything is possible as do want 😉
  • floris If you want to learn, you can do it
  • floris Ok😏 whit this face? 👉😏😃
  • floris Perfect!! What's next ?
  • floris Is this the end of the beginning? Or the beginning of the end?😊
  • floris Hard but not impossible 😉
  • floris Isn't necessary to learn 😄
  • floris Ok then, you can start tomorrow morning 😄
  • floris What do you think?
  • floris Really? 😄
  • floris 😏😉😃
  • floris Do you have plans for tomorrow?
  • floris Are you tired? 😯
  • floris Sleepy 😜
  • floris Not now, generally tired 😃
  • floris Usually, I wake up very early ☺️ at 5.30-6.00 in the morning
  • floris Wake up, don't sleep 😃
  • floris Ok😏😃
  • floris If you want to sleep, let me know. I don't want to disturb whit messages 😊
  • floris Thanks, not now... When you 😴😃
  • floris You not disturb whit your message. I said not now but I don't want to disturb when you sleep
  • floris Who knows because I don't 😄
  • floris I would like to see the sunrise in the morning 😊 I need to wake up early, after that I want to see one friend of mine, she is living in Italy but now she had vacation near my city, 5 minutes distance from me
  • floris We will drink coffee in the bar beach, near sea
  • floris You can believe that? She is from Romania, but she is living in Italy. I meet her, here on the Morecast 😃😃😃
  • floris Now, we are friends
  • floris The world is small😊 nothing is impossible 😉😃
  • floris Come here tomorrow morning 😃 we will go to the beach bar for coffee 😃
  • floris Do you like the sea or the mountain?
  • floris I would like to live all my life on the beach but this is not possible 😄
  • floris I have to go to work 😏
  • floris You are mine 😄
  • floris I mean, we are the same
  • floris I love the sea
  • floris How? 😯
  • floris 🤔🤔🤔🙄No, no!!
  • floris When it's your birthday? 😊
  • floris 7 January
  • floris We are born in the winter but we love the summer😃✌️
  • floris One month and how many years, who knows 😊😃
  • floris I hate winter, too. It's very cold and I don't like it 😊
  • floris I want to sleep, also 😃I wish you a good night, was nice to meet you here! Thanks for your time! I hope that, we will talk in another day! Sleep well!!
  • floris Thanks but I haven't dreams when I sleep😃 I have dreams just when my eyes are open(it's not a joke) 😊 sleep well!!
  • floris A little kiss is not my type😜😄
  • floris Sleep now!!!
  • floris I woke up ☺️ good morning!!
  • floris 🙁