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MORECAST can tell you exactly when it will rain, how sunny or cloudy it will be and the temperature highs and lows for the upcoming 24 hours and the next 14 days.


Track the weather and extreme situations along your route to make every trip a safe journey.


Compare the weather for two locations side-by-side, so you can decide where you'd rather be. MORECAST is the only app providing this feature.


Choose from thousands of global webcams to preview live weather situations around the world.


Visualize the movement of precipitation on our interactive map. Be prepared and the first to know when it will rain and the intensity of the rain.


Share your best weather moments with your friends and family. Engage with our community and contribute local weather alerts to notify others of extreme weather situations.


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Widespread Rain To Put Dent in the South’s Drought

Fortunes are changing in the South, where an an extremely dry autumn left several states in a severe drought. The lack of rain has devastated farms and helped fuel hundreds of wildfires. But the rains have started to return in the past week, and a couple systems are bringing more soaking rains to much of the southern U.S. early this week.

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